The Pepsi logo costs $1000000, has secrets ranging from the Mona Lisa to the Theory of Relativity

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Nike’s logo was purchased for $35, Pepsi paid $1 million for the existing logo. So why does the simple looking logo is among the most expensive ones? Let’s have an insight.

The drink was originally named as Brad’s Drink, in 1983 by Caleb Bradham. Those were the days when soft drinks were used as medicinal aid.

Evolution of PepsiCo’s Logo

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Since 1898, PepsiCo revised its logo several times. From bright red with spikes to curly and wavy, the logo had a great history. The World War carried a wave of patriotism and the blue colour was introduced in the logo in the 1950s. ‘Pepsi-Cola’ dropped the word ‘Cola’ from its name in 1962. In 1973, Pepsi switched to the globe style logo. After a few minor changes, the logo was finally redesigned in 2008–2009. This is the one that costs $1 million.

The Current Logo

In October 2008, Pepsi decided to redesign its logo and rebrand many of its products. This existing logo was designed by Peter Arnell of the Arnell Group. The 3D logo was made flat and minimalistic. The uppercase letters were replaced. Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max began using all lowercase fonts for name brands. Unfortunately, a 27 paged internal document(named BreathTaking) from the company was leaked. It was from Peter Arnell, the man behind the logo. It revealed the hidden secrets of the simple looking logo.

Secrets that make the logo too expensive

The logo contains many secrets like Golden Ratio, GeoDynamics, Earth’s Magnetic Field, Gravitational Field, Fengshui, Pythagoras Theorem, Mona Lisa, Parthenon, Theory of Relativity, American Flag and even multiple emotions.

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Now let's have a detailed view.

Golden Ratio

The concept of Golden Ratio plays essential role in the erection of human beauty. Mona Lisa is an example. It has been used by Artists and Architects, but i was impressed by its use in Pepsi’s Logo.

GeoDynamics, Earth’s Magnetic Field, Gravitational Field

The globe symbol of Pepsi’s logo plays a vital role in portraying the earth’s GeoDynamics, Magnetic field and Gravitational field. Details of which are available in BreathTaking.

American Flag

After the rise in nationalism during World War 2, Pepsi added a blue colour to its logo. The red, white and blue colour in the logo represents its pride connection with America.

Gravitational Pull, Theory of Relativity

The top deviation of red colour in the logo at the upper right-hand side represents earth gravitational pull and relativity of space and time.

One identity, multiple Emotions

This is the most interesting and funniest part of the logo. The white area in the logo is the series of smiles. It can be observed when we align the logo from 0° to 90°.


The minimal logo had an ocean of secrets that very few knows about. When Peter Arnell’s document was leaked, he faced huge criticism for his logic behind the logo. This logo is among the most expensive logos in the world. In that document, he stated many facts and described the evolution and significance of Pepsi’s logo. I have attached the link to the document below.

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Its truly said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”.

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